Old school!

LeagueStat was down tonight, so the stats were messy from the start and remain incomplete, at least at this writing, online. So the ace staff of off-ice officials, at game’s end, had to go old school and draw up the old four-sheet Official Report of Match to be faxed off to the league office. I’m in possession of a copy, and I might frame the sucker. Neat, compact and convenient as the online version is, there’s something about the hard copy…


Nice play by 3M — can you believe Marjamaki-Koalska-Masse has been together 17 games in a row? — to score the eventual backbreaker. Neat play by Nilsson to set up Bergenheim in the first; Gervais got one through traffic again for a power-play goal. More in the morning about Friday’s Gervais shot through traffic; let’s just say Hamilton’s streak may equal Hamilton’s streak minus one.

Good game for Cody Rudkowsky. I’m pretty sure the first one hit a stick and slowed up/changed direction. The second one was a mad scramble.

F: Bergenheim-Colliton-Nilsson
Regier-Smith (A)-Collins
Tunik/Hamilton (A)
D: Jarrett-Gervais
Rourke (A)-Pratt

F: Abel-Voce-Cavosie
Ready (A)-Ellison-Campbell
Gratton-Kavanagh (A)-Kelly
D: Slaney (C)-Skolney

In the third, Cavosie and Campbell swapped places. I called it a promotion in print, and Bridgeport’s near-strict matchup of Jarrett and Gervais against Ellison says the Tigers would agree.

Chris Thompson skated this morning. He’s hoping the All-Star break gives the ribs a chance to get back to 100 percent.

Boston shoulda played Guite. Nice game for Trent Hunter and Mike York, eh? (Wait… did I see that… Is that right… 95 shots?!?!?!?!)

Speaking of Hunter, something in the Dallas-Detroit game this afternoon reminded me of a weird event I missed in my Providence Civic Center (erm, Dunkin’ Donuts Center) litany. It’s updated. By the way, while a renovated PCC-erm-DDC will be nice, I’ve found a reason to love that trip: a 24-hour Tim Hortons right on the CT-RI line. One large double double later…

In the absence of the online stats (Goals-assists-plus/minus-shots):
Printz 0-0-E-1
Cook 0-1-E-1
Wood 0-0-(-1)-2
Picard 0-0-(-1)-1
Ellison 0-2-(+1)-0
Kelly 0-0-(-1)-1
Bellefeuille 0-0-E-1
Grant 0-0-(-1)-2
Voce 0-0-(-1)-4
Ready -1-0(+1)-3
Kavanagh 0-0-(-1)-2
Campbell 0-0-(-1)-2
Abel 0-0-E-1
Gratton 0-0-(-1)-1
Slaney 0-1-E-6
Cavosie 1-0-(+1)-3
Skolney 0-0-E-0

Flache 0-0-E-0
Jarrett 0-0-(-1)-1
Bergenheim 1-0-(+1)-3
Nilsson 0-2-(+1)-3
Gervais 1-0-(-1)-1
Marjamaki 0-1-E-3
Hamilton 0-0-E-2
Collins 0-1-E-1
Caldwell 0-0-E-0
Colliton 0-0-(+1)-2
Koalska 0-1-E-1
Rourke 0-1-(+2)-1
Smith 0-0-E-0
Regier 0-0-E-1
Pratt 0-0-(+2)-0
Tunik 0-0-E-0
Masse 1-0-E-1

(Pratt and Rourke plus-2… They happened to be on for the PPG against, but still, plus-2.)

Now that that’s all typed up, I expect the stats to appear for real in about… five seconds.

Michael Fornabaio