Fake Team Awards

So it appears the Sound Tigers won’t give out their couple of team awards again this year. While it’s a feeble and unscientific exercise, what say we pick ’em? Leave a comment with your picks (and vote only once, especially you, you rotating NHL city). I’ll throw my Seventh Player vote in at the end, and we’ll see what shakes out by the end of the year. I guess end of the night next Friday will be the cutoff, just randomly. Tell your friends.

The first three seasons, the team gave out a Fan Favorite award (voted on the team Web site, I think, wasn’t it?) and a Seventh Player, picked by the organization for performance beyond expectations. Fan Favorite winners were, in order, DiPietro, Hunter and Colley; Seventh Players were Hunter, Letang and Robinson.

(There was also a Three Stars award, and I might just be crazy enough to go back through the gamesheets and compile that.)

(And while you’re thinking about these, here’s our project for the playoffs: Picking a Five-Year Team… But that’ll come then.)

So have at it.

Michael Fornabaio