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  1. Justin says:

    What a year the Tigers had. I can not be prouder of this team even if they did lose in the first round. Yes i am really disappointed and the 3 hour ride home would have been so fun if we won, but they played a hell of a series. This is the most heart i have seen a Tigers team play with since i started coming to the games consistently 3 years ago. We had the series in our grasp but just couldnt finish it and thats what hurts the most, knowing we had the cards there. But i would not wanna lose to any other team other than Wilkes-Barre because there fans had class and are true die-hards. I never entered an opposing team’s arena and get handshakes and hugs from a person wearing a different color jersey saying congrats to a great year and will see you next year. This truly was the best series I ever saw and hope that next year we win it all.
    P.S. Mike who can we expect back next year and who’s leaving. I am hearing that Cody Rudowcowsky is going to be in net next year, is this legit.

  2. nyisles39 says:

    “In what many observers are calling the best Calder Cup Playoff series they’ve ever seen, the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins ousted the Bridgeport Sound Tigers with a 5-4 win in Game 7 on Saturday night. The home team won just once in the series (Game 7), and for the first time in the AHL’s 70-year history, all seven games were decided by a single goal.”

    Hope you are feeling better!

  3. kathy says:

    Hats off to BST!!!! Great team, very professional. Like everyone said – winning could go either way. I am a Penguin’s fan but the BST are very much admired in Pennsylvania!

  4. Kat says:

    Hope you are starting to feel a little better after the accident. Glad you were able to get to that next game.Your team and your fans were great. Wade is a classy guy and a top notch goalie. All the Bpt fans we talked to were great all series. Please ignore the idiots who boo when an ooposing booster club is announced. They do not represent our true fans. Thanks for great hockey. We look forward to seeing you next year.

  5. LM from Wilkes Barre says:

    Michael, speedy recovery to you on your accident. Game 7 was playoff hockey at it’s best. The 3rd period was awesome in its intensity…the vibe was electric. The boys battled down to the final seconds of the game. Great series! Best wishes in the off season.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I am from W-B and heard you were in an accident after game 5. I hop e you are ok, and want to give you kudos for bouncing back to cover the rest of the series. Nie blog!!

  7. David says:

    Another view from Penguin Nation:

    If there was any justice in the world, something would have happened that would have made this series for the Calder Cup itself instead of a first-round series. Bridgeport was that good.

    After watching the Tigers for this series, I firmly believe that, had the draw or the conference alignment been more favorable, Bridgeport could easily have played for the Cup this season, if not won it. If they were to replay the series again, Bridgeport could easily have won the replay in six or seven games. But, such is the way of things.

    To the author: Get well soon. You and our guy JB are the true pioneers of hockey blogs; fans like us need guys like you to cultivate the next generation of news.

    See you next year!

  8. ANNIE says:

    What a great series. Talked to Bridgeport fans
    after the game at the arena – just classy all
    the way. I’m glad we won but you sure could
    have – both teams deserve much credit.
    And, hopefully you will feel better after your
    accident. I enjoyed reading your blog – I’ll
    send a little prayer your way. God Bless

  9. don casper says:

    what a great series. and clean as well. i cannot remember so hard fought a series without any cheap shots or comments. both teams and the fans knew they were witnessing a really good brand of hockey.
    wilkes-barre fans can’t understand why bridgeport residents don’t support the team better by showing up at your arena considering the quality of play.
    hats off to you guys for the best bunch of games i have every seen in 6 years.

  10. Bobby says:

    From WB
    Hope you are feeling well after your I 84 run in.
    I just want to pass on a few words. Your team was amazing, it is a shame these two teams had to meet this early in the post season. I have never felt bad that one team had to lose, before tonight. Your fans are classy and I thank them for being hospitable when I visited your arena and thank them for coming to ours. And finally, Wade was out of this world, you should all be proud of the fact that this city would have cheered for him had we had the chance(star of some sort in Game 7, which I think he shoud have gotten for his work throughout the series).
    Once again, thank you for an exiting series and great hockey.

  11. janelle says:

    Just wanted to say, I’m a pens fan.

    Like the prior pens fan said above.. you guys put up one hell of a fight. it did not feel like we were playing a 4th place team. it was like we were playing another 1st place team. with each game being 1 pt a piece (first time in 70 years!) I’ve met some wonderful fans. and i have to say (and started a thread on wbs boards) The sound tiger fans that made the game were VERY respectful and stayed after we won . Not only did they do that but they stood and clapped. That made me all warm and fuzzy inside;) I saw a family while i was leaving from bridgeport and wished them luck on the way home and told them good series!

    Great Series guys! neither team gave up.

  12. Sean says:

    As a Penguins fan, I’d like to congratulate the Sound Tigers on their season. They put up one hell of a fight.

    To Michael, JB wrote in his blog about your accident. Sucks about the accident, but it’s good to know you’re doing well. Best of luck.

    See you guys next season!

  13. DebbieZ says:

    Hard to believe it’s really and truly over, that we saw our team at home for the very last time last night. Many of the Tiger fans made the trip down to PA and are on their way home after what sounded like a very exciting–but disappointing–game. Guess it’s time for baseball and yardwork, but it will be difficult to give up the excitement of hockey. Mike, as usual, you’ve done a fabulous job all season and we’ll look forward to your summary in the POST. Rest up, feel better, and we’ll see you in September (or maybe at the Relay for Life in Fairfield i JUNE)!!