Give a hoot: Read a book!*

Since I’ve thrown one down on the comments to the last post

You have any nicknames for people, places or, particularly, players that make absolutely no sense to anyone else?

A few years ago, my Dad and I were watching a game… must’ve been a Devils game, because I’m pretty sure Chico Resch was the broadcaster in question. He said “Teemu Selanne,” and it came out “Timmy Slaney.” Dad and I were looking for the little Irish guy on the wing. We have never said “Selanne” again.**

Last weekend, I was in the car during Saturday’s Mets-Brewers game***. The Brewers walked Chris Woodward intentionally; later, Woodward came around to score in a big sixth inning. “Yeah,” I said to no one, “fear the Owl!” Thankfully, no one was around to hear, because, um, what? (Woodward last year in the kitchen became “Woodsy” rather than the natural “Woody,” and Woodsy, naturally, became Woodsy Owl. Naturally.)

So c’mon, I can’t be the only sick one. (Can I?)

**-Not that we really could pronounce it right to begin with.
***-A game which my little brother attended. Lucky (grumble).

Michael Fornabaio