Begin the long week

Springfield announces its coach today. Sounds like we’ll be interested. (Afternoon update: Yup, it’s official. Steve Stirling is the Falcons’ new coach. Good to see him back behind a bench.)

Keep them funky nicknames comin’ below. I just remembered another of mine, one that fits my MO pretty well: Victorb Zambrano. It keeps getting truer that the ‘B’ is for bargain.

So over at the Worcester Land Sharks’ Web site is a piece that basically lists Worcester’s opponents– presumably the tentative list that’s set up now, so teams can (at least attempt to) horse-trade for a month. What’s most striking about it? Philadelphia and Wilkes-Barre don’t see Worcester. Houston and San Antonio are the only Western Conference teams on the Land Sharks’ docket. There was at least some talk about getting teams to play more clubs… Guess not.

The 1988 Bears can break out the champagne: No one’s going unbeaten to Calder this year. And crackdown or no crackdown, I only hope that double-overtime hooking penalty was a doozy… But hey, Hershey’s back on the horse, so…

Sweden wins; Bergenheim gets a bronze

Took a peek back at this post the other night. I mentioned bringing British Invasion CDs for the Game-5 trip? Well, one that I did was Vol. 3. After the accident, they found the case and the notes… but not the disc. Replace it? Well… After checking out the prices on Amazon, I’m starting to wonder if I should have insured the CDs instead of the car…

One song on that CD that I could be playing in tribute right now: Do the Freddie. RIP.

BRAKE TIME: All five Brakettes draft picks have advanced to the NCAA Super Regionals. Florida Atlantic has not, so Brakettes manager John Stratton should be on his way back north shortly… And a win for a local at the tracks this weekend; John Kurtzman of Norwalk won the X-Modifieds race Wednesday at Waterford Speedbowl, taking over the early points lead.

Michael Fornabaio