A big bag of wind

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  1. DaveBrz says:

    Andy, you are so right about him ranting about the penalty shot then saying it should be a goal. I knew it was the correct call before any replays as I thought it it off his hand but be never covered it (he knows better) and it looked like he was using his stick to get it under the goalie.

  2. Andy says:

    No doubt about cutting away early. Christian was up watching the “guys kiss the Stanley Cup” and when they went to the news he was asking for more. Kids don’t understand news (neither do I).

    As for JD, I think he wants to start sleeping at the bottom of Captain Rod’s bed, he’s so in love with the guy. I’m sure he was really steamed when they gave the Conn Smyth to Cam instead of his guy. And how many times did he have to tell us that was supposed to be a penalty shot. It wasn’t. They made the right call. He didn’t grab it or cover it with his hand and once he had made real contact, the play was dead on the delayed penalty. Of course the super slo-mo replay they manufactured 20 minutes later showed the puck went in, but that’s another story.

  3. captain america says:

    nice to see people are still around. I like Emmerick but JD has always been a homer. Especially on MSG. He may land the GM job with the Blues so maybe we’ve heard the last of him. Now that the season is over, i hope we start hearing about BST. I think we may lose Bags, now that there are 4 spots open plus BST. If we don’t get Bags back, it would be better to get someone that was not just fired. Some new blood to the league or Robbie Ftorek.

  4. DaveBrz says:

    Ouch. I was able to switch between both Chuck Kation for Carolina and Rod Phillips for Edmonton last night on XM.

  5. Lori says:

    I had the volume on low for most of the games because I couldn’t stand the announcers. I would rather listen to Tom Grace and I can’t stand him. LOL!!!!

  6. DaveBrz says:

    Check out MSNBC general message board for hockey at http://boards.live.com/MSNBCboards/board.aspx?BoardID=695 There are other compaints there also.

  7. Anonymous says:

    THANK GOD!!!! I’ve found someone else that agrees with me about John Davidson. He had such a man crush on the Hurricanes. At one point during the Buffalo series, I had to mute the TV and it only got worse with Edmonton. Jussi would make a brilliant save at one end and then the Oilers would go down the other end and Ward would make a routine save and you would have sworn that he saved the puck standing on his head with his right hand tied behind his back the way Davidson gushed about it…with ABSOLUTELY NO mention of Jussi’s save moments ealier. I CAN’T STAND HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. DaveBrz says:

    Just heard that Leno was/has ripping NBC becuse his show ran late and poor ratings. Will see if can find a link tonight to confirm.

  9. DaveBrz says:

    Its because NBC didnt want to have Leno on much later than he is normally is. Also John Davidison needs to shut up as he was so biased towards Carolina. It was like watching the game with the home team announcers.

    Next year games will be on a delay because of an apperant F bomb by Ray Whitney

  10. Lori says:

    I was thinking the same thing about the way they cut the celebration on air and went to the news. Even though I was rooting for the Oilers (had to go with the Isles/Sound Tigers connection), I am happy for the Canes. To think, if they were still here in CT as the Whalers, I’m sure a lot more people would be rejoicing.

  11. captain america says:

    I was thinking the same thing when they went to the news. It would have been nice to watch more of the on ice celebration. So I guess 2 people think the same!! Of course neither being normal! well, keep us updated!