Did I miss anything?

First and most importantly, deepest condolences to Alan Hahn on the loss of his father.

–BPT preseason sked isn’t out officially yet — actually, I’ve spoken to no one in the organization since last Monday, so maybe it is — but the Wolf Pack say they have the Sound Tigers Sept. 26 at Danbury and Oct. 1 in Cromwell; in between, Providence says, the Broons’ll play Bridgeport Sept. 27 at URI*. We’ve seen some of these exhibition dates change in the past, but I guess we can pencil ’em in at least.

–Broadcast news: John Walton is back with the Bears.

–Clerks 2: Oh my goodness is it wrong. Vile. Offensive. Disgusting. Go now. See it twice.

–Original Clerks quotes that need adding to here: “What you want, Grizzly Adams?” “I don’t watch movies.” “I don’t appreciate your ruse, ma’am.” “There’s nothing more exhilarating than pointing out the shortcomings of others.” “Such a sordid state of affairs.” “Maybe there’s a vindictive printer working for you.”

–Bridgeport and the Islanders announced Caldwell, Rourke and Billy Thompson on Tuesday. And I saw the formal Dubielewicz announcement, plus the Rick Berry pickup while I was out. Berry’s another one of those guys I don’t think I’ve ever seen live.

–Yeah. So now that I’m back in a real time zone, did anything else happen since last Tuesday?

Still technically off. More later.

*-I M not U.

Michael Fornabaio