Exordium and Termination

In case this ever pops back up…

So how about that 15-year deal? Insane, huh? Well…

I’m not sold on “insane.” Weird? Sure; you don’t watch a guy sign a 15-year contract every day. Questionable? Hey, there’s a lot that can happen between now and 2021*. (I was trying to remember myself 15 years ago; I come up with at least two lifetimes between now and then. I guess 24-to-39 is a little different than 16-to-31, but…)

But insane? Not at $4.5 million. If it works out, it’s golden for all involved. If he gets hurt, there are ways around it. If it doesn’t work out… Well, there are probably more ways around that. (Tom Benjamin points out a fun one.)

The joys of a salary cap.**

Happened to be on the way to Long Island anyway, catching up to a few guys before they head to Nova Scotia. A little piece on the two-thirds remaining from “3M” should run either Thursday or Friday — and hopefully this blog entry will have appeared by then.

Glad to see Chris Madden, who’s feeling good and is the same guy as always. I think he said he was on the grounds crew at a hospital this summer… the details slip away because he then mentioned he learned how to use an excavator. “It was like a giant video game,” he said. “I skipped a lunch break to use it.” I don’t blame the man.

*-“In the year 2021… If the Coliseum is done… If this game’s still any fun…” (Worst. Zager and Evans parody. Ever.)
**-And who’s to say this NHL*** CBA will be in effect after 2009?
***-And who’s to say there’ll be an NHL on this earth**** by 2021?
****-“Now it has been 15 years… Fans have cried a billion tears…” Never mind.

Michael Fornabaio