No room

Two out, top nine, two on. Jason Bryan strikes out swinging on a pitch in the dirt from Bridgeport’s Sean Fesh. It skips away from catcher Marcos Sanchez. Bryan runs to first. Sanchez tracks it down near the Bridgeport dugout and throws to first, where first baseman Jesse Hoorelbeke drops the throw, allowing Bryan to reach.

In my notation, that’s K-WP-E3D-A2.

Which doesn’t really fit in a little corner of the box.

Edit: On second look… I’m thinking there shouldn’t be a WP (didn’t notice if one was charged officially). 10.12(f)(2) When the catcher recovers the ball after a wild pitch or passed ball on the third strike, and throws out the batter-runner at first base, or tags out the batter-runner, but another runner or runners advance, the official scorer shall score the strikeout, the putout and assists, if any, and credit the advance of the other runner or runners on the play as a fielder’s choice. K-E3D-A2 is still a cornerful.

Michael Fornabaio