While the Bluefish grind this one out (between the teams, 17 runners left on in the first four innings)…

One semi-new thing: Sergei Ogorodnikov won’t be coming to camp. “His choice,” Howard Saffan said. The Islanders will hang on to his rights. There were summertime rumors that the Islanders might buy him out. Sergei, a likeable kid, had some skills, but the team had deep concerns with his defense.

Bryan Berard’s camp invite is official. If he’s healthy and he’s got something, why not? Randomly speculating, three possibilities: 1) He makes it, forcing a player down to Bridgeport (maybe even a forward), which would boost the Sound Tigers a lot while making some personnel decisions even more difficult (unless waivers were involved). 2) He doesn’t make it and shows up here, which seems unlikely, but it would add an interesting dimension to the defense while making another personnel decision even more difficult. 3) He doesn’t make it, period. In which case, no harm.

Recently came across NHL Tournament of Logos, which has been keeping tabs on changes, presenting alternatives (some of them way out there), and holding a, well, tournament of logos. Check out the “Just To Freak You Out” series.

Bridgeport is likely to have a warmup jersey this year, BTW. I’ll wait till I see it to go nuts. Speaking of, you know we take uniform stuff a little too seriously around here, but mid-inning inspections of managers? Good goal; poor execution.

Meanwhile and very unrelatedly, I’m getting the feeling that someday I’ll be talking about this week with my kids. And, God willing, my grandkids. And a therapist.

Michael Fornabaio