Camp, Day 4: But first, we pause

We gathered this morning to pray for the soul of Bill Gonillo — which, as one of his cousins alluded to in one of three inspiring eulogies, seems like redundant effort. If Billy’s not up there already…

A beautiful service, and a beautiful turnout: A cross-section of the state’s media, schools, teams. I hope his family drew at least some small comfort from that, to see how much he meant to so many people.

As Gerry Cantlon said outside the church, it feels strange now to just go back to work. But here we go with just a couple of notes:

Five cuts late last night: Sean Offers, Mitch Woods, Rob Sirianni, Aaron Slattengren and Matt Scherer. Jack Capuano praised their effort, as he’ll probably say in a notebook in tomorrow’s paper. We might get Friday’s lineup later on today; if not, we’ll try to get it up early tomorrow.

Edit (Sorry, not that edit): Y’know, I was kinda wondering about this.

Michael Fornabaio