Camp, Day 5: Cloak ‘n’ Dagger

How’s this: It’s pretty clear that some people are going up for the Islanders-Rangers game, but the Islanders haven’t released their names. They apparently don’t want the Rangers to know who’s dressing at the Garden.

For a preseason game.

Keep your Yankees-Red Sox, people.

Anyway, Mole and Ouellet will be the goalies tonight in Shelton. It appears that most of those who didn’t play Wednesday will play Friday (unless they go up).

A.J. Bucchino has a plain, white helmet and plain pads, and he stands 5-10… While Steve Regier talked about a big kick save Bucchino made the other night, Regier called him “Irbe”.

Talked to Drew Fata a bit about Darcy Robinson, words which I hope will be in the notebook tomorrow.

Michael Fornabaio