Devils’ Due

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  1. Fornabaio says:

    The ice looked a little rough last night, too. Warm weather and relatively new…

    As for AHL rosters, they can still dress only 17 skaters and two goalies in the regular season, 18+2 in the playoffs, BUT AHL teams can carry as many players as they’d like at any given time. It’s rare that you’ll carry a heck of a lot more than 17+2, just because you usually want guys to play.

  2. Len says:

    Anonymous, I believe the rule is 20 total players on a game roster for both the AHL and NHL. (18 players; 2 goalies)
    I think a team can have several other players on it’s roster at any time, but only 20 can be dressed to play.

    Mike: Yes, an incredible week of sad events in the sporting world. Add to that a funeral on Sunday afternoon with 50(+) thousand in attendance at Shea Stadium.
    Also, sincere condolences to the Nolan family.

    Last night’s Devils/Islanders game was just an ok effort overall, but lacked the kind of intensity an NHL caliber game should have brought to the fans, especially with final roster cuts coming this week. I never heard an official announcement, but I guess over 6 thousand fans attended, with the majority being Devil fans. Dubie was again incredible in net, and Brodeur was only really tested on 2-3 shots. The game was lost on on a 5-on-3 Devil power play. However, that penalty situation was handled very poorly. The player corps defending, played the “box” too tightly (between the face off circles and net)giving the Devils way too much room the skate and set up shots. Hopefully, the Islanders and Sound Tigers will be a bit more agressive in the future by sending players out deeper and disrupt other teams set ups. You can’t give up 39 shots (as last night) and expect your goalies to win very often. In Dubie’s case, he was used to seeing 35-45 shots most nights in Bridgeport the past few seasons, and STILL won most of those games. Most regular goalies can’t keep up to that kind of demanding pace night-after-night!

  3. Anonymous says:

    just wondering, how many players can you have on your roster? I know 17 and 2 goalies suit up for a game, but how many more extra can you scratch (or another way to reprashe the question, how many more do we have to cut)?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ted Nolan’s brother passed away.

  5. stan says:

    what happened in the Nolan family?