Where are you?

Noticed something kind of funny when I walked into the Bridgeport dressing room complex for the first time this season.

To picture it, imagine you’re coming in from the runway after a period. You walk through the door, which opens in and to your right, not quite up against a support column that juts out a bit from the wall. There’s a hallway ahead of you, painted in white with horizontal orange and blue stripes, one cinder block wide, running along at about eye level. The coaches’ offices are through the first door on your left; the stalls are through the first door on your right. If you keep walking down the hallway toward the door to the parking lot, there’s the stick rack on your right, and above it, where there used to be a montage of Kevin Colley’s breakaway goal from November 2005, there’s now a picture of Wade Dubielewicz, wearing the creamsicle sweater, one-on-one with Ryan Stone. Above the stripes to your left, separated by the doors to the coaches’ offices and the equipment rooms, hang the team photos from the first five Sound Tigers seasons. I laid ’em out for you here last year after Cool Fun 202.

There appears to be room next to ’05-06 for another photo — maybe it’d have been tight, but it looks do-able with a little shift over — and even so, there’s probably room to play with on the other side of the equipment manager’s office. So I wondered what happened to good ol’ ’06-07. But then later, waiting around, I found it by accident.

Remember back when you walked in, how the door opened in and to your right?

Look behind the door, on the wall next to that support column. There, in all their creamsicle glory:

2006-07: Back row: Eric Boguniecki, Robert Nilsson, Jamie Johnson, Brandon Cullen, Masi Marjamaki, Petteri Nokelainen, Nick Martens, Gregg Johnson, Peter Ferraro. Middle row: Trainer John Sullo, Ken Magowan, Jason Pitton, Drew Fata, Brandon Nolan, Steve Regier, Rick Berry, Tomas Malec, Jamie Fraser, Blake Comeau, goaltending coach Gilles Lefebvre, equipment manager Paul Camelio. Front row: Wade Dubielewicz, Jeremy Colliton (A), assistant coach Bernie Cassell, associate coach Jack Capuano, general manager Garth Snow, president Howard Saffan, coach Dan Marshall, assistant coach Joe Ferras, Mark Wotton (C), Allan Rourke (A), Billy Thompson.

(They’re working on another project for the wall at the far end of the hallway. Sounds neat. We’ll talk about it when it goes up.)

Michael Fornabaio