Jackals in bus accident

Elmira was in an accident early this morning on the way home from Cincinnati. Best wishes to the driver, who seems to have suffered the worst injuries.


Brennan and Fata practiced in the morning. Brennan was not to make the trip; Fata was going to travel but wasn’t guaranteed to play.

Calling Tim Tookey a former New Haven Nighthawk is a little like calling Reggie Jackson a former Baltimore Oriole, but… Tookey was named Thursday to the AHL Hall of Fame. Of the 14 inductees, Tookey is the first with a New Haven playing tie, albeit a 44-game tie.

BST camper Aaron Slattengren had a day.

“Thriller” was released 25 years ago Saturday, Jim Farber notes in the New York Daily News. You can say a lot about Michael Jackson and the 25 years that have passed since then, but that record… There were nine songs on the album. Seven of them made the Top 10. And it was ubiquitous. I got three copies of it for my eighth birthday. And another for my ninth. (Exchanged the duplicates for Beatles records. Mom taught me well.)

Tuomo Ruutu, a robber? (No. But a funny story.)

Michael Fornabaio