Cue the Bee Gees

Hershey stays alive with two assists from (welcome back) Eric Fehr (who got his ‘A’ back from OT-goal-scorer Alex Giroux). That’s after the Penguins tied it with 18.2 seconds left. Lane Lambert’s Admirals beat Chicago 2-0 behind 37 Pekka Rinne saves and a goal from (welcome back) Rich Peverley. (Last night’s Game 7s were some of the biggest games in tonight’s AHL.) Toronto wins a wacky one, looks a little like March 21 in Worcester: Toronto scores late, adds the empty-netter, takes a penalty with 20 seconds left, gives up a goal with 8.something. Both of those Western Conference series are 2-2.

Reading Bruce’s gamer in the Courant, the Pack went out with controversy, but Ken Gernander went out with class. Phil notes that Brandon Nolan may indeed be done for the year.

Lindsay notes that the first three Crunch-Moose games have gone OT, which could become historic. Last time it happened: familiar.

Gabby Gabby hey: Bruce Boudreau gets an extension in D.C.

J.P. Parise, father of the 2005 AHL rookie of the year (no, only on my ballot), will coach Des Moines (USHL). (Popped up on the blog of Iowa beat writer Lisa Colonno. Good stuff.)

And me, I’m a high schools writer again. (For a month and a half, anyway.) Tried to copy some baseball scoresheets tonight after Trumbull-Fairfield Warde lacrosse. The copier spit out two copies that looked as if they had been accordioned somewhere between the paper tray and the out-slot. Then one came out clean. Then the paper jammed. In about four places. Twice. Not cool, fancy xerography machine.

Michael Fornabaio