Earlier night

Big, late-breakin’ news from Des Moines: Iowa and Dallas are getting an early divorce. Hmm.

Portland and Providence begin the second round Saturday. Back in the first, the Penguins finished off the Bears behind a four-goal third period. The Bears tied it up 25 seconds into the third — they had led twice before — and then the Pens went off, with help from a penalty parade. Good news and bad news for Houston: The Aeros finally scored two goals in a playoff game, but it was their last. Toronto will take a lead home. And Manitoba tied up the Crunch. That series has been absolutely crazy, and that’s not counting on-ice shenanigans like whatever Tom Sestito did tonight to get a match penalty at the buzzer. If you’re not on the RSS feed for Lindsay Kramer’s blog, then darn it, what have I been teaching you?

Saturday at 1, we’ll see which River Rats and Phantoms can still move their legs.

Edit: Andy reminds me of what I forgot: Utah beats up on Billy Thompson. See the comments for a solid note from Andy…

Lots of lacrosse next week. Let’s see if I can keep “puck” out of those stories and “ball” out of the blog.

RIP, John McConnell.

Michael Fornabaio