"And that doesn't just sting…"

“…it kills,” Greg Glynn said as Wachovia Arena rejoiced over Tim Brent’s game-winner. Brent scored with 29.something left in regulation, and the Penguins are headed to the final. WBS took a 2-0 lead, and in a flip of last night, the Pirates tied it up in the second. But Brent beats Aubin (37 saves), and WBS will play for the Calder Cup for the third time in seven seasons.

The final begins Thursday-Sunday in Rosemont. Next Wednesday, Friday and Saturday* are in Wilkes-Barre.

Lots of ex-Tigers in Cincy tonight as the Cyclones draw first blood.

Noticed particularly while banging in the NDWH-Amity story today: The ‘I’ key on my computer is kind of sensitive and doubles up a lot. It looks liike I’m typiing in Finnish sometiimes.

*-if necessary

Michael Fornabaio