Who’s your coach?

All kinds of coaching movement the past few days… the latest is Mike Haviland, promoted from Rockford to the big club.

TEAM Old New
PEO Dave Baseggio (4/16) Davis Payne (7/8)
NOR Steve Stirling (4/25) Darren Rumble (7/22)
ALB Tom Rowe (6/7 – CAR ass’t) Jeff Daniels (6/7)
SPR Kelly Buchberger (6/17 – EDM ass’t) Jeff Truitt (6/17)
GR Mike Stothers (6/18) Curt Fraser (7/23)
CHI John Anderson (6/20 – ATL head coach)
WBS Todd Richards (7/23 – SJO ass’t)
RCK Mike Haviland (7/23 – CHI ass’t)

And the table doesn’t even include Todd Richards to SJO yet. Richards became official this afternoon.

Meanwhile, Niko Dimitrakos is off to Sweden, Skelleftea.

Hurray for more Robot Chicken Star Wars. (“What the (bleep) is an ‘Aluminum Falcon’?”)

Michael Fornabaio