One of the projects I’m working on allows me to alert you: There are 2,021 days remaining until the 2014 Winter Olympics. Get prepared.


It’s not so much Mike York’s signing with Columbus… It’s that he took a two-way deal to do it. Fascinating. And Yanick Lehoux signed with Montreal.

If the cab doesn’t crash… No Hernandez. No Perez. No Shawn Green. Sanchez, not Heilman, pitching to Molina, maybe. Or things go wrong elsewhere. And remember, no Perez: no Ollie to pitch that game. But is there a Game 7 to begin with? Because there’s no Mota to shake off the change… And then we wake up from that what-if to see Xavier Nady in a Yankees uniform. Strange things happen in this world.

And most importantly, RIP, Hal Levy.

Michael Fornabaio