Guess who's back

Don Granato is the new coach of the Chicago Wolves. Good to see he’s doing well.

John Walton points us to (If you’re counting down to Islanders training camp, you can use Mink’s Countdown to Capitals Camp; they appear to begin on the same day.) Much sympathy with his latest post. I had one fry while I was working on it; blew the motherboard. I’m surprised I’m alive.

Things you don’t know*: Goalie Nolan Schaefer’s wife, Lisa, is from Orange. She has had a long and painful battle against Lyme disease, and they have a Web site here to promote awareness.

Schaefer and Zingoni have a camp at Milford Ice Pavilion, Aug. 18-22, for kids 10-18 (in two groups, 10-13 and 14-18). E-mail for more info.

Bridgeport is looking for new members on its Fan Advisory Board.

Look who’s in Tampa’s kiddie campa: Luch Aquino and Daine Todd. (Both on tryouts, it appears.) Shakey’s brother is moving from Iowa to San Antonio.

Finally watched “Mad Men” (though I caught it about 10 minutes in). Seemed pretty solid, though naturally I spent most of those 50 minutes figuring out who was who. Curious what devotees thought about the season premiere, as it compared to the first season.

If you missed “Dr. Horrible” the first time around, what’s wrong with you it’s up on Hulu.

More from the project: The World Taekwondo Federation Web site is I shouldn’t chuckle.

And most importantly, as Elite Prospects pointed us, Mario Chitaroni plays on!

*-And by “you” I mean ‘I.’

TEAM Old New
PEO Dave Baseggio (4/16) Davis Payne (7/8)
NOR Steve Stirling (4/25) Darren Rumble (7/22)
ALB Tom Rowe (6/7 – CAR ass’t) Jeff Daniels (6/7)
SPR Kelly Buchberger (6/17 – EDM ass’t) Jeff Truitt (6/17)
GR Mike Stothers (6/18) Curt Fraser (7/23)
CHI John Anderson (6/20 – ATL head coach) Don Granato (7/30)
WBS Todd Richards (7/23 – SJ ass’t)
RCK Mike Haviland (7/23 – CHI ass’t)
ROC Randy Cunneyworth (7/24 – ATL ass’t)
Michael Fornabaio