Yeesh. Can’t a guy sleep?

Five days and 800-something miles later…

Multiple Dineens: Gord takes over the Iowa job that Kevin might have had, moving out from the assistant’s job he had under Kevin last year. Matt Laatsch, a Ryan Caldwell teammate in college, also moves over from Portland as Gord Dineen’s assistant.

Benoit Groulx will reportedly coach Rochester. If so, that’d leave only Providence, and wasn’t the buzz Rob Murray for that one?

Much fun speculation from Robin Short here.

Chris Dey is the new president of the Islanders.

Re: Nikiforov in the comments: I have not heard that he signed with the Isles.

Graham Mink tips us off to the locations of both Mike Souza and Louis Robitaille.

TEAM Old New
PEO Dave Baseggio (4/16) Davis Payne (7/8)
NOR Steve Stirling (4/25) Darren Rumble (7/22)
ALB Tom Rowe (6/7 – CAR ass’t) Jeff Daniels (6/7)
SPR Kelly Buchberger (6/17 – EDM ass’t) Jeff Truitt (6/17)
GR Mike Stothers (6/18) Curt Fraser (7/23)
CHI John Anderson (6/20 – ATL head coach) Don Granato (7/30)
WBS Todd Richards (7/23 – SJ ass’t) Dan Bylsma (8/4)
RCK Mike Haviland (7/23 – CHI ass’t) Bill Peters (8/1)
ROC Randy Cunneyworth (7/24 – ATL ass’t)
PHI Craig Berube (8/7 – Flyers ass’t) John Paddock (8/7)
PRO Scott Gordon (8/12 – NYI head coach)
IOW Dave Allison (8/19) Gord Dineen (8/19)
Michael Fornabaio