For Sert-ain

Andy Sertich re-upped in Utah. That took a while to announce.

Rob Murray is official in Providence. That just leaves Rochester to make it official.

My undying love for Cul de Sac continues with this older cartoon Richard C. Thompson just posted. Apparently the book is almost out, so I’ll have to scrape some money together.

TEAM Old New
PEO Dave Baseggio (4/16) Davis Payne (7/8)
NOR Steve Stirling (4/25) Darren Rumble (7/22)
ALB Tom Rowe (6/7 – CAR ass’t) Jeff Daniels (6/7)
SPR Kelly Buchberger (6/17 – EDM ass’t) Jeff Truitt (6/17)
GR Mike Stothers (6/18) Curt Fraser (7/23)
CHI John Anderson (6/20 – ATL head coach) Don Granato (7/30)
WBS Todd Richards (7/23 – SJ ass’t) Dan Bylsma (8/4)
RCK Mike Haviland (7/23 – CHI ass’t) Bill Peters (8/1)
ROC Randy Cunneyworth (7/24 – ATL ass’t)
PHI Craig Berube (8/7 – Flyers ass’t) John Paddock (8/7)
PRO Scott Gordon (8/12 – NYI head coach) Rob Murray (8/21)
IOW Dave Allison (8/19) Gord Dineen (8/19)
Michael Fornabaio