Camp, Day 2: And I'm a little sore, too

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  1. Fornabaio says:

    Ryan, if guys keep getting hurt like this, Utah’s getting no one but Colley and Dwyer. Depends what happens. There are at least a few, including….

    Goalie, Mole is on an ECHL contract. Lawson got an NHL camp invite, but Mole didn’t.

  2. The Goalie says:

    I saw in the “In A Meeting” post that Mike Mole was part of Team DiPietro during a recent training camp session. Yet when I read the story on the Islanders website about the 20 players sent to Bridgeport and the 9 players returned to their junior team…Mole is not one of the names. Nor is he listed as still with the Isles (only DP, Joey Mac and Dannis are showing up as goalies still with NYI). Anybody know what the deal is with Mole?

  3. Ryan says:

    Any idea how many guys the sound tigers and islanders will be sending to Utah this year? And who some of them might be?

  4. dist1ump says:

    I have tickets for the Coyotes/Blue Jackets game in hand.

  5. bill105 says:

    Guess I won’t be going to LI for the Nov 3rd BlueJacket game now..