They just won’t be defeated

This team is really starting to worry me.

They proved tonight that they can win on just 13 minutes against a young, maybe-fragile team that’s nominally their archrival.

This team might just be OK.

While Danis kept them alive, a combinations shift united Dennis Packard, Ben Walter and Rob Hennigar at the start of the second. I thought it was the first to generate… well, anything, really, since very early. And even they didn’t exactly go nuts, but they drew a penalty, had a couple of other decent shifts.

“I’ve never played with Hennigar before. He’s a guy who’s got a lot of energy,” Walter said. “He can create a lot with the puck. Packard’s a big guy, good on the forecheck. We worked well together.”

And then Walter, well, he was just involved throughout the comeback.

Took a slashing penalty I never saw. Came out of the box. Teamed with Haskins and Pitton, still on from the PK, and a great Dustin Kohn outlet pass to create the two-on-one that almost completely broke down when Walter tried to feed Pitton right-to-left. But Walter recovered, pulled it back, got it up, and tied the game.


And then Haskins (back at center, with Pitton and Morency) gets popped in the face by Urquhart, and they go on the power play, and St. Laurent, whose game I’d liked until then, calls a hook on Corey Potter.

Look, here’s Ben Walter on the play: “He gave me a little push with his stick. I was a little off-balance. He got me in the right spot. I went down.”

Walter gets the puck to Iggulden, shot-save, Smith dives for the rebound, score, another power play. Sillinger breaks his stick off the draw, goes, gets another, joins the play, takes Blake Comeau’s drop pass and wrists one stick-side past Wiikman.

Haskins tosses in a shorty, and it’s just, like, come on.

Thirteen minutes and a goaltender? What year is this?


Technology is funky. Here’s the gamer. Buy a paper. Thanks.


Fraser was on crutches when he left — or at least when I left — but word is it looked worse than it was.

The goalie re-switch may come tomorrow. Danis was pleased with his own little three-game stint.

First too-many-men penalty of the season.

Chris Botta suggests a Tambellini conditioning assignment.

Prescout. Claude’s got a point going into the big home debut. And even with everybody up, Hershey beats Albany in overtime to stay in first. (Coco must be pretty good.) Winnipeg is the only team with a better points percentage than Bridgeport or Hershey.

Kyle Rank is going up to Portland.

It’s an insane world, especially in Asia at this instant, and we wish former Islanders broadcaster Jiggs McDonald all the best as he’s stuck amid unrest in Thailand.

That Target commercial annoys the heck out of me. And yet I can’t get it out of my head. The anger is building.

And finally, this is what Joe Posnanski does in his spare time. Good gravy.

Michael Fornabaio