Youth movement (to IR)

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  1. Fornabaio says:

    To clarify, Phil brought the stuff. I just happened to be bringing Phil.

  2. stan says:

    nice job Mike:

    From BST site:
    Fritzie and Fornabaio’s Travels: Today at the morning skate, the Sound Tigers received the news that Mitch Fritz had been returned. General manager, Garth Snow wanted him in the lineup so he traveled from Long Island to Binghamton, making it in time for tonight’s opening face-off. There was one problem however in that equipment manager Joe Franke did not have Fritz’s helmet or jersey. Who to turn to but none other then the best beat writer in the AHL, Mike Fornabaio. Before driving up to New York, Fornabaio picked up Fritz’s gear and dropped it off in time for Fritz to join his teammates

  3. paul says:

    the people in Albany tonight got their money’s worth…

  4. soundtigerfan says:

    that is the fata i remember from last year…1 goal and minus 3

  5. soundtigerfan says:

    sure could use one of your best defensive and penalty killing defenseman in the line up for tonight with a late penalty…don,t wonder near the end of the season why you are only one point or two out of a playoff spot…i understand you have to develop players too but it must be frusterating.sometimes you just need your leader in the lineup