All kinds of comebacks (or not)

Some quick hits:

Junior Lessard was on the ice today, taking the full practice, although he’ll remain out tomorrow night. Dustin Kohn practiced, too, and looked fine. Peter Mannino was back in town and on the ice.

Albany tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it. Nicolas Blanchard is out of the hospital. Turns out he took a guardrail to the midsection. Holy…

Phil says not to expect Jeff Daniels or Geordie Kinnear to pull a Rod Langway (end of second item). And (fourth item) Justin Peters might put something on his next mask to symbolize the accident.

Milwaukee sent out a press release that Lane Lambert will miss tonight’s game because his wife is having surgery in Cleveland, so all the best to them and their family.

Just in time for the deadline, the NHL Network will run a free preview next week, if you’re like I am and are too cheap to buy it yourself.

Michael Fornabaio