Milwaukee gave extensions to Lane Lambert, onetime Bridgeport assistant coach, and Brad Lauer, who was once talked about as being in the mix for a Bridgeport assistant’s job.

Danny Bylsma got promoted to real, live NHL coach.

And former Fairfield Prep ballplayer Ron Williams broke the Columbia record for hits in a career. B Teal, the man whose record he broke, could rake. Nice parents, too, always up from South Carolina to watch the games, and they’re the basis of my favorite Teal memory. They had a daughter at Penn. It had to be B’s senior year when our school paper ran an April Fool’s story that Penn had been kicked out of the Ivy League. Mr. Teal, not catching the date of the paper, read that over breakfast and almost did a spit-take with his corn flakes.

(The previous record-holders were Jay Dipasupil and 1991 World Series hero Gene Larkin. Not that you care.)

Michael Fornabaio