Six, plus 2

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  1. ANNON says:

    oh I meant to say that slew foot match was only called twice, 2004 and last night both here in Bridgeport…

  2. Jon: That might even have been what they were watching. MacIntyre was one of the combatants.

    Annon: Last opponent’s one here, anyway. There had been four BPT match penalties (two of them here) and one opponent’s (on the road, Grenier again, slugging Pascal Morency in Philly late in a 5-1 game that then almost turned around, the night after the Jason Morgan game in Hershey).

  3. ANNON says:

    the match was the first since that last one in 2004. I believe Artukhin was suspended in the nhl for it as well.

  4. Jon says:

    If they were on youtube they should look up Macintyer Vs Brashear and watch Mac use the body punches… those are killer :X