Worcester and Worcester

Kind of a weird one. They start out OK, and then everybody’s open on the first goal. The guy cuts through the middle to score the second, and then they pick it up a little, put some good shots on, and the what-is-that rebounds he was leaving earlier, he’s not leaving anymore.

They cut into the lead on a short-handed breakaway, and then they let the guy have clear sailing behind the net to set up a goal a few seconds later.

Capuano wasn’t happy with faceoffs, among other things. He juggled almost shift-to-shift late in the second, went to some old standbys in the third, to no avail.

So the week kind of comes down to Sunday, no? A win, and at least they salvage .500 out of a week with a couple of so-so nights. A loss, and they’re 1-3 since the 4-0-0-1 streak, and you’re talking inconsistencies again, and just which team is this anyway, and stuff like that.

So we’ll see.

Petrecki was plus-3 and maybe deserves a plus for the power-play goal, since he drew the advantage with a couple of good hits on Jesse Joensuu that ticked off Greg Mauldin and Brett Westgarth.

No firm word if Andrew MacDonald might be back, with the Big Club off until the southern swing begins Thursday. No immediate update on Haley, either. Didn’t see what happened; didn’t see him after the Joensuu/Petrecki/Westgarth scrum.

Bridgeport has suddenly lost three in a row in this building after an 8-3 (IceCats included) start.

Prescout. With Providence’s and Portland’s wins, everyone in the Atlantic Division is at points-.500 or better.

Pierre-Luc Leblond got one game for the match penalty.

Ryan Kinasewich is headed back to Utah.

Pitton brothers story from Stockton.

Story on Montreal and its unifying Canadiens. You may find humor in that it’s the “news in English” RSS feed.

And finally, fellow cleaning up said “hey, you guys” a few minutes ago and firmly stuck the theme to “The Electric Company” in my head. Thanks, man.

Michael Fornabaio