Let's Locke the Door

Locke, Parenteau and Byers, one of the more dangerous combos in the AHL: a combined 1-2-3.

Yeah, Locke tied the game in the final two minutes, but the trio combined for seven shots, and Byers had three of them.

“Parenteau and Locke are two of the best players in the league,” said Matt Martin, who started periods against them with Tyler Haskins and Sean Bentivoglio and Dustin Kohn and Mark Flood. “To limit their time and space, that’s what we’ve got to do.”

Lawson controlled everything, even if he didn’t make the highlight-reel saves like his counterpart did (more in a second). They played a good game and pulled out the bonus round.

Hey, take another week off.

Stephen Valiquette, the first Sound Tigers goalie to face a penalty shot, becomes the first former Sound Tigers goalie to face a Sound Tigers penalty shot. He had another good night; stopping Greg Moore on the breakway (with Nigel Williams on Moore’s tail) was one of those highlight-reel saves.

And while Jack Capuano has absolutely no reason to feel kinship with Steve Valiquette, who’s only been out of here for six and a half years, it was still funny to hear Valiquette called “the guy at the other end” in seriousness.

Mark Katic left the ice for a few minutes with his arm hanging. He said he’s had trouble in the past with that shoulder, and that all the rehab and work he has done to strengthen that shoulder probably helped save him from worse injury. He was back on a regular shift for the third.

Mikko Koskinen said he’s making good progress in his rehab; everything’s feeling good.

After the game, the room was full of kids accepting Christmas gifts from the players. They were from Kids in Crisis, an organization that supports kids dealing with any kind of family crisis. Brett Westgarth was at the front of the effort to get them in, Luke Milbury said.

Gerry Cantlon said that indeed Dale Weise arrived about 15 minutes before the game, suited up and got busy.

Only one ref working at the start of the Rangers-Islanders game, which produced the Tweet of the Night.

Springfield rolls on… in the wrong direction. That’s 14 without a win.

Jonathan follows up his fights of the decade with his knockouts of the decade. A couple are very familiar. Indelible, even.

The World Junior is on. The U.S. started OK. Matt Donovan scored a goal. Every time I see Jerry D’Amigo’s name, I think back to when he was one of the kiddie competitors at the All-Star Game in Binghamton. Anton Klementyev was plus-1 for Russia; Kirill Petrov, his fellow hostage, had a goal and two assists. Sweden annihilated the Czechs. And honestly, on reputations, that one shocks me more than the crazy 16-0 thing that Canada and Latvia had. (Warning: Of those links, the first will refresh itself and take over your screen every time; the other three are PDFs.) The Americans play the Swiss on Sunday afternoon (schedule); Russia next plays Monday.

Hokey smokes. (Didn’t Matt Sather say that 10-0 opening-night win wasn’t really a 10-0 game, too? So that’s 19-1 of not-really.)

Mike Sgroi joined Elmira.

Uni Watch links up the evolution of the Hartford Whalers’ logo, which is pretty darned neat.

This photo took my breath away. (H/T: This Is True)

Heh heh.

(The problem with blogging from home is that I always go look for one more link. And then it’s a quarter to two. OK.)

And RIP, sportscaster George Michael, onetime Islanders broadcaster, who was also a top DJ in the day.

Michael Fornabaio