Edit: K.Strang reports a four-year extension for Andrew MacDonald.

While we await Snowpocalypse IV or whatever it is…

Dustin Kohn remains a man without a country (or team) (or really just playing time). He’s still here, there’s no word if or when he’s going back up, and he will reportedly not make the trip to Hershey. As Katie Strang writes, the Big Club has Hillen, Bailey and Jackman all skating. If they’re good to go and no other moves follow, it doesn’t look as if there’s roster space for the guys who were sent down, at least until after the deadline next Wednesday.

There was a transaction on the ECHL’s list that had Bridgeport recalling Bobby Hughes. Word is that Hughes won’t play again this season.

The team will practice early Friday before bolting for Pennsylvania. ‘Cause, you know, Snowmageddon. Stay safe. (Or at least stay dry.)

And a beautiful and devastating Brian Burke piece from SI’s Michael Farber.

Michael Fornabaio