Just being a twit

@spbowley’s threatened forthcoming Twitterguide got me wondering (somehow) what it would have looked like if we’d been tweeting before 2009….

1998: Beast 3, Hartford 0 after two. GREAT start for New Haven.

1999: They’re gonna finish this NC-NDF game tomorrow? Tomorrow? After three overtimes? There’s no postponements in hockey!!!

2000: Bridgeport gets an _AHL_ team? Seriously? Not the Coast? Wow. Well, gotta take lacrosse calls.

2001: Puck is dropped here in Rochester.

2001: I didn’t know you could get a triple minor.

2001: Leaving ROC for SYR morning skate. @elsctpost has introduced me to the wonders of Krispy Kreme. Bad things can only ensue.

2002: Now DiPietro and Kochan skate to center ice and drop the gloves.

2002: Oh, jeez. Kochan forgot Ricky’s a southpaw.

2002: Have been on the Rock for 12 hours. Have been called “milove” 27 times.

2002: It’s 11:30 in Newfoundland, 10 p.m. back home. Am I seriously gonna have to use an OT punk on a 6 p.m. Eastern game?

2002: No. Thank you, Juraj Kolnik. BPT 3, SJML 2 (2OT), BPT leads 3-0. Game 4 is Wednesday. Shots 54-40. Them’s fightin’ words.

2002: Ah, Chicago. Never been. Who knows if I’ll ever get here again?

2002: Butsayev off a draw, Chicago 4, Bridgeport 3 (2OT). What a run.

2003: Hartford 8, Bridgeport 0, final. How do you bounce back from a loss like this with a week to go?

2003: Penguins win 3-2. The 20-game unbeaten streak is over.

2003: Oh my gosh was it quiet downstairs.

2004: Just gonna pencil in a “Kevin Colley’s a warrior” quote from Greg Cronin.

2004: What is “Savage Nation” and why is it on WICC?

2004: BPT 4, WBS 2, takes a 3-1 series lead, comes home for Game 5. Can they get it done quickly, get guys back in time for PHI?

2004: Konstantin Koltsov off a neutral-zone turnover. Penguins 3, Sound Tigers 2 (OT), season over.

2004: Keith Aldridge is the team’s second captain.

2004: Keith Aldridge isn’t wearing the ‘C’. Richard Seeley is, instead.

2004: Imp’t parts of GCronin press conference are all unprintable. Even on Twitter. Will have to work hard to get them usable

2005: Seeley has been reassigned to Norfolk. Ed Campbell is the new captain.

2005: Gah, I can’t stand Twitter. Why can’t we create something that will allow posting of more than 140 characters at a time?

2005: Hey, we started up this blog. Swing by and take a look: forum.connpost.com/soundinoff.

2006: Boys were just watching the end of the NYI game. Dubie was in net. Cloutier started packing.

2006: BPT scored five PPGs tonight. Bet they can’t wait to see this Nygel Pelletier guy again.

2006: Marjamaki, 2:11 of OT, wins Game 5. Two days until Game 6 and a chance to finish it. Guys like McLean, Fata out there for WBS.

2006: Back from Wayne Memorial Hospital. Attempting an advance. There’s a game tomorrow, right? Marjamaki scored, right?

2006: They’ve got to bring in an experienced coach here, no?

2006: There is a lot of orange in these home uniforms.

2007: Capuano’s over the forwards. Marshall’s over the defense. That can only mean one thing.

2007: For some reason, no one will say that one thing.

2007: When I said there was a lot of orange in last year’s uniforms? I apologize for bring down the orange-sweater-gods’ wrath.

2008: Yikes. Peters mugs Morency, and Brennan slugs Peters. This is gonna be costly.

2009: Can’t tell if Minard’s stick was high. Banfield was there. They usually get those right, esp. in playoffs.

2009: What, 11 years? Still not sold on this Twitter thing. But if you’re following it, hey, what the heck.

Michael Fornabaio