What's German for "PTO"?

Tyler Haskins has a tryout with everyone’s favorite nickname, Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg in Germany. Puzzling. Not that he goes; that he can’t get a gig.

Fun with Google Translate, which actually seems to assault this sentence more than Babelfish: “‘He is more of a playful Center, which is strong at Bully Point and also has very good water courses has picturesque qualities,’ EHC said sports director Karl-Heinz Fliegauf to the appointment.” The “Bullypunkt” appears to be the faceoff dot, and I think I may have to start using that. I don’t get the picturesque water courses bit, but then I’m not that bright.

(Thanks to Gerry Cantlon for the note to let us know where to look – thanks also to Pete for the comment, which I guess was coming in as I wrote)

BTW, if any reader would like to hand-translate that release so another newspaper can run quotes, feel free.


Changing gears entirely, RIP, Sgt. Steven Deluzio, who helped Glastonbury to the 2003 CIAC Division II hockey championship.

Michael Fornabaio