Day 4: Who are these guys?

Pat Bingham said he’s finally getting a handle on who’s who out there. (That puts him a step ahead of me, but no shock there.) “I had my moment of clarity today — good timing,” he said. That, he hopes, will help put the right guys in the right spots tomorrow.

They continued to work on systems amid shooting drills and one-on-one work. “It may or may not be the right system to go and play this game,” Bingham said, “but it will be a system, with all its nuances, and we’ll see if guys can play within it.”

Undetermined yet: Whether they’ll play with a defenseman at forward, or just use them all on the blue line.

Wade Dubielewicz signed in Germany. ObFWB: He has apparently become a calf in the past few years, but just check out those awards he won in 2004.

Kirill Petrov gets traded to a team that should play him more. (First seen from Dmitry Chesnokov.) Google Translate somehow has him traded for a fifth-round pick in the NBA draft. Babelfish provides its own fun.

Our ol’ buddy Rich Bocchini, the Sound Tigers’ first broadcaster and PR man, has a new job with the Houston Aeros.

From the comments: SI’s photo archives include familiar faces from around here.

A uniform horror story from Uni Watch’s Paul Lukas. Some awesome trivia in there.

And RIP, Tony Curtis.

Michael Fornabaio