Joe Sullivan's Saturday Night Penalty Party!*

So… y’ever see Mark Wotton flip out like that?

“He didn’t just lose his cool for the sake of losing his cool,” Pat Bingham said. “He’s killing a penalty, and the puck’s shot out of play.”

In fact, as I listen to Jamie cut the video behind me, you can hear Phil talking about how Jake Muzzin is pointing to the netting.

But then again, you play to the whistle. The Monarchs did. They scored their fourth power-play goal, which ties Bridgeport’s record, and their fifth goal.

Wotton had enough and got 22 minutes in penalties for his troubles.

Now, look, Bingham said straightaway that they wanted to be more physical tonight than Saturday. You’ll get Gallant picking up a roughing penalty here and there, although they were confused why Teubert, the object of his roughing, didn’t get caught for the retaliatory slash across Gallant’s wrists.

You’ll get moments like the scrum next to the Manchester net in the third period, with a whole bunch of guys shoving, but then the one who gets pinched out of it is 5-foot-whatever Rob Hisey.

You’ll get pushing and shoving, after which, Bingham says, the referee tells the coach he’ll call something on Justin DiBenedetto if he doesn’t quit stopping in front of the Manchester net. Given that Bridgeport’s entire offensive game plan is built on someone, perhaps, just once in a while, going to the front of the net and stopping there? You can see how that might perturb a coach.

Throw on top of it that the penalty kill wasn’t great. Shots get through from the point. They lose faceoffs. (Colliton’s and Ullstrom’s absences, that might have a little something to do with it.) It’s a night to forget.

But it’ll still be memorable. Because it’s not often that Mark Wotton gets walked to the door.


Ullstrom is expected back Sunday. Colliton, didn’t sound like it, but he’s called day-to-day. (Didn’t see him in the room.) Koskinen said he took that shot in warmup off the collarbone, but it didn’t affect him in the game.

Assuming that the match penalty isn’t overturned — it’s rare, anyway — Gallant probably sits at least one game. I was still sorting out what had happened with Wotton and didn’t see it.

Campbell-DiBenedetto might have stemmed from a cross-check DiBenedetto took late in Friday’s game.

It’s at least the sixth time the Sound Tigers have given up four PPGs. Here’s the first, another Saturday Night Penalty Party**. It is funny to think that we have been here this long that, when Jamie Palatini saw it for the first time, the mere reading of the name “Francois St. Laurent” didn’t inspire an immediate reaction.

Just in time to drive the presale, the Sound Tigers announced that Trent Hunter and Rick DiPietro will be here for the ceremony Sunday honoring the team’s 10th anniversary. Two stars of their first game.

Appears to be two refs Sunday. (Neither one is Sullivan.)

Prescout. Who’ll actually be here for the Bears? Who knows? Does it matter, when Keith Aucoin racks up four-point games?

Edit: Best wishes to Ken Gernander, in a hospital in Charlotte. Hoping it’s indeed a precaution.

Awesome video: watching the Space Shuttle launch from an airplane window.

And I’m OK with this method for taking Charlie Sheen off Two and a Half Men.

*-Been a while since we had one of those.
**-Excuse me, “… Penalty Party!”

Michael Fornabaio