Assortment to end Tuesday

So let’s see, June 1. Junior kids from two years ago have to be signed; that’s taken care of. (So do kids who leave college after three seasons but four years after they were drafted; thanks for the CBA lessons, boys.) Start of the high school lacrosse state tournament; that’s important. Stanley Cup Final begins; Calder Cup Final resumes. Um, what el… Ah. Should probably pay the rent. Avoid eviction, kids!

Part of a busy news day: Kevin Dineen is reportedly leaving Portland after six seasons to coach the Florida Panthers.

Feeling for all Thrashers fans today, but none more than pro golfer Stewart Cink, who was kind enough to talk hockey with us at last year’s Travelers Championship.

Sad also for the folks in Lewiston; the Maineiacs were folded tonight. (Also feeling for the reporters who were chasing that story in circles for months.) That appears to leave Isles draft pick Kirill Kabanov available in the QMJHL’s dispersal draft later this week.

The Islanders’ arena referendum got approval from Nassau’s legislature, so it should go off as planned on Aug. 1.

While Winnipeg has its Drive to 13 (thousand), Springfield begins a “Flight to 1,500.” If Charlie Pompea doesn’t camp out on the roof of the MassMutual Center, it doesn’t count.

Ever dream of being a Grand Rapids Griffin for a day? Buy season tickets and you’ll have a fighting chance. Make sure it’s a pro tryout; none of that “amateur” stuff. Minimum PTO salary, pro-rated over 80 76 games=cha-ching!

The Colorado Eagles, one of the premier teams in the Central Hockey League, has gone to the ECHL. There’s lots of buzz about several CHL teams’ futures, and a few teams are already gone, including former Sound Tigers affiliate Odessa, off to the junior North American Hockey League. (When we’re wondering, we’ve been checking out what Justin Cohn is hearing in Fort Wayne.)

Commercials I don’t get: The DJ in that beer commercial hears “It’s Like That” coming from the other party… and turns his thing up? No, no, you ask them to turn it up. Then play it again. Then see if they have “It’s Tricky.”

More commercials I don’t get: So… I can buy a car fit for hamsters, or I can attempt to convey myself in a toaster or a flimsy cardboard box with holes. Yes, given those choices alone, I suppose I should buy the tiny car.

Arrested Development movie news? I will not get my hopes up. I will not get my hopes up. I will not get my hopes up.

And Shuttle Endeavour returns home tonight (well, Wednesday morning) for the last time, a little after 2:30 a.m., if you want to watch.

Michael Fornabaio