Polarizing IceCaps

The nickname (capital ‘C’, no space) is growing on me (though I’d kind of like the space). Maybe the logo will follow. Best thing about today’s announcement from Newfoundland? Brian Rogers is back. St. John’s, McCarthy and Rogers back in our circles in the same summer… and perhaps Dave Sottile, too? Not bad.

Edit: You know what, after re-reading the description, a point for trying to evoke the maps of Newfoundland and Labrador. Kinda wish, seeing that, that they had tried to evoke it more strongly: more geographically accurate, maybe even bigger, make the words smaller. What do you think?

Joel Rechlicz returns to Hershey. Not a month after Ben Walter signed with Calgary, reports are that his dad, Ryan, will become president of the Abbotsford Heat.

Edit: Joy Lindsay has a picture of the T-shirts from Steve Stirling’s Calder Cup party.

Kinda sad Little League story. (Exceptionally busy Little League weekend for the Post. Some of you may recognize the manager of the Black Rock 13-14 softball team, which is a win away from a state title.)

And RIP, Hideki Irabu.

Michael Fornabaio