"Extending the franchise" joke here

The complex political history of Nassau County — we’re going back to the Dutch vs. the fleeing Connecticut types here, if not earlier — takes another turn Monday with a little bond referendum. As noted often, we’re not here to tell you how to vote. Not allowed, frankly. We are allowed the occasional “nonpartisan expressions of opinion” on things like literacy and the First Amendment, and we trust we’re allowed this, too: We’ve got this nice little system of representative federalist government, and within it some limited local examples of democracy. All of that relies on an informed electorate doing its research and then going out to pull the levers*. If such an option is open to you, whatever your informed decision may be, hope you vote your conscience.

Joy Lindsay on Steve Stirling’s turn with the Calder Cup. It was, I note way too belatedly, 10 years ago on July 27 that Gordie Clark introduced Steve Stirling to the locals in the plaza out front of the arena. Three days later, Stirling named Dave Baseggio his assistant coach. And 10 months after that, they were in the Calder Cup Final together.

And how most of us screw up Monopoly (hat tip: Tyler Cowen).

*-Fill in the circles, punch the chads, drop in the marbles, whatever.

Michael Fornabaio