Instant replay/looking forward

After the test here during the second half, the AHL has adopted that video review system for the upcoming year. The various postgameblogs that dealt with Bridgeport’s replay test are assembled here.

The league will also spend five weeks testing a version of no-touch icing. I obsessed probably too much about it on Twitter today, but if I read the description correctly here and remember my NCAA brushing-up as well, the rules will be different: The college rule stresses that it’s not a race to the dots, but it’s a matter of whether the attacking player would’ve clearly reached the puck first and negated the icing, with the decision made when they reach the dots; this rule basically says it’s a race to the dots. (Like I said on Twitter, correct me if I’m wrong. Just want to understand.) Either way, we’ll see how it goes.

Arthur Staple reports that Jared Bednar is a Bridgeport coaching candidate.

Eric Boguniecki, by the way, had hip replacement surgery this week. A souvenir of his playing career. He’s already out of the hospital and getting around; the timetable, he said, is expected to have him skating with a few weeks to spare before the start of the season.

There’s a kiddie scrimmage tonight at Syosset. Might pop in on the video stream, which is supposed to be here beginning at 6 p.m. Your impressions are welcome in the comments.

Michael Fornabaio