“Where’s my spy camera? Where’s my spy camera?”*

The schedule question always comes. And though the schedule doesn’t sound imminent, the question always comes harder once the basketballers put theirs out. So after 11 years, I figured it was worth doing this.

Schedule releases:

 2001-02  Aug. 2 July 26
 2002-03 Aug. 1 July 18
 2003-04 July 31 July 29
 2004-05 Aug. 10 Aug. 2
 2005-06** Aug. 5 Aug. 8
 2006-07 Aug. 2 Aug. 1
 2007-08 Aug. 7 Aug. 2
 2008-09 Aug. 7 Aug. 6
 2009-10 Aug. 13 Aug. 4
 2010-11 Aug. 25 Aug. 10
 2011-12 Aug. 18 July 19
 2012-13 Aug. 17 July 26
 2013-14 Aug. 22 Aug. 6
 2014-15 Aug. 27 Aug. 13
 2015-16 Aug. 27 Aug. 12
 2016-17 Aug. 22 Aug. 11
 2017-18 July 11 Aug. 14
 2018-19 July 11 Aug. 10 
 2019-20 July 10 Aug. 12 

Updated for 2013-14 and beyond. For 2017-18, the league changed its policy, no longer waiting for the NBA: San Antonio and Cleveland were the only two teams left in NBA buildings. I may keep updating. I may not.

Utilize for all purposes. Pick your trends. Take your guesses. Place your bets. If you win money, remember who gave you the numbers. (But don’t tell anybody.)


Some accumulated links:

Nathan McIver from back home.

Further former Bridgeport players’ weddings.

Mike Paliotta tells Bob Birge that he’s planning to return to Vermont. (H/T: Station Nation)

The Brakettes are in Henderson, Nev., playing softball against some of the best of the west. They drew the SoCal Hurricanes in this morning’s opener — pretty much as strong a matchup as you could get — and were a couple of outs away from winning when two solo homers beat ’em 4-3. They won their losers bracket opener to follow and could play two games late tonight. The Webcast will be here around 10 p.m.

And RIP, Sherman Hemsley.

**-I don’t remember what happened there.

Michael Fornabaio