Lookin’ for a job, but it’s hard to find

Edit note: postgameblog later tonight, as I’m already holding someone up and my computer’s holding us both up, but FYI, some Niederreiter comments are in the gamer, which may be up sooner if you want to check the site.

So I asked Scott Pellerin, with the understanding that it wasn’t his call, the question that I’ve heard since about 10:30 last night: Why not Niederreiter?

“I guess the answer to the question is with a shortened training camp, a shortened season, obviously you’d like to have guys up there to fill in specific roles, specific spots,” Pellerin said. Is Niederreiter producing? Absolutely, Pellerin said. And can he improve? Absolutely.

“He’s 20 years old,” Pellerin said. “If you look at the young talent we have in the organization, playing in the American Hockey League, learning, getting better, it can only help.”

The young defensemen are, I said, in a similar boat, then.

“If they handle the situation correctly, work hard, get better, they’ll have better careers for it,” Pellerin said.

“It was very tough decisions on everyone. It wasn’t a normal situation. It was kind of awkward.”


So those who didn’t get the call go at it here. Bridgeport saw three of its letter-wearers called up and the fourth, Matt Watkins, getting a day off after being banged up Saturday night, so three new ones today on the Boardwalk. One to scratch each way, and my computer gave me enough grief that they’re denoted already.

F: Halmo-Nelson-Niederreiter
DeFazio (A)-Campbell-Riley (A)
D: Donovan-Jackson
Ness-McIver (A)
G: Poulin

F: Wiseman (A)-Zalewski-Anderson (A)
DeSimone-D. Zajac-McKelvie
Hoeffel-K. Zajac-Haczyk
D: Leach (C)-Burlon
G: Kinkaid

R: Leduc. L: Daisy, Oliver.

First Bridgeport game for Nic Leduc, a former QMJHL defenseman.

Michael Fornabaio