Finishing up

The weekend wraps with the Penguins, as Tom Kostopoulos returns in a WBS sweater for the first time since Mike Therrien complained about Bridgeport holding him in the leadup to the 2004 playoffs. (Paid off.)

Looks like more or less the same Bridgeport lineup in the same array as last night, with the possible exception of Ty Wishart for Dallas Jackson; Wishart took the first rush, but they traded off. Edit: In the end Bridgeport scratches Jordan Hill. The Penguins also have one to scratch. Edit: It’s Philip Samuelsson.

F: Backman -Nelson-Niederreiter
Persson-Watkins (C)-Kabanov
D: Donovan-Wishart/Jackson
Ness-Landry (A)
(Hill-scratch)-McIver (A)
G: Reiter

F: Holzapfel-Smith (A)-Kolarik
Uher-Peters (A)-Farnham
D: Dumoulin-Reese (A)
Wild-Mormina (A)
G: Thiessen

R: Hersey. L: Galvin, Wahl.

(The Penguins may also have an ‘A’ to take off. Pretty sure I saw four. Wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen that. Though it’s usually been Bridgeport to do it.)

There’s meanwhile a report from Utica today that Calgary would put its farm team there next year. I’ve already had a couple of people cast some doubt on that, but there it is. Even if that happens, I don’t think that’s doom for Abbotsford, but rumors keep swirling.

Michael Fornabaio