Pens force Game 7

There’ll be a seventh game Wednesday night in Providence, and you can thank or blame Brad Thiessen as appropriate. The Bruins were all over the Pens; Thiessen didn’t let a second one in, which gave Trevor Smith a chance to score the winner 3:26 into overtime. From Jonathan’s postgameblog: Smith scored the overtime game winner in a historic playoff game and I didn’t mention his name until the eighth paragraph of this blog post. That should tell you how unbelievable Thiessen was.*

The Bruins were without Graham Mink, suspended for Game 6 and, it turns out, Game 7 for his match penalty, going after Thiessen late in Game 5.

Oklahoma City waits for the Grand Rapids-Toronto winner, but real life has intruded in horrific fashion. Not much you can say.

Tip of cap to Dave Bike.

And RIP, Ray Manzarek and Ralph Fico.

*-The box initially had Smith as first star and Thiessen as second. Glad to see that was incorrect.

Michael Fornabaio