Idle thought: Collection plate

Covering golf (no, really) but some guy with the twitter handle @JRP288 stuck this idea in my head while discussing the Wolves’ signing Corey Locke (link to come, but you can surely find ‘er if you want ‘er), so I tossed this on Twitter. Feel free to have at it here or there.

The Islanders have what has appeared to be (and people have agreed that it sure seems to be) an unofficial AHL cap of $105,000. Knock around CapGeek for a few minutes and you’ll see that the going rate for an AHL veteran is above that — sometimes well above that.

It’s silly, really, to bring it up, but it’s July 30 and I’ve got a few minutes before the afternoon matches hit the turn. If your AHL team said, hey, we’ll try to sign Veteran X, but we only want to pay a vet $105k; you’ve got to make up the difference, Fan Base, if he agrees.

If you get 1,000 equal contributors, it’d cost you about $200 each. Would you chip in?

Back to golf.

Michael Fornabaio