Look who’s back (though not here)

Look who’s back on these Shores: Rob Collins, Bridgeport’s all-time leading Scorer for exactly five Years until Jeremy Colliton passed his 163 Points, signed with the new Brampton Beast of the Central League. He went to Germany in 2006 and hadn’t played in North America since. (h/t Elite Prospects).

Lease drama in Portland. (The Press Herald version.) Bridgeport had been slated to play Portland’s second-to-last game in Lewiston before the Pirates got back to a renovated CCCC. Well, maybe not so fast.

Teemu Selanne makes the best YouTube video you’ll see all day. Oh, and comes back for a final season in Anaheim. (He wrote the darn thing. Come on. Some showrunner, give him a job next year.)

And RIP, Seamus Heaney. See one Irish legend quote another: the late Tommy Makem recites Heaney’s “Requiem for the Croppies” before singing his own “Four Green Fields.”

Michael Fornabaio