Monday Frustration

Not a whole lot of happy floating around the Wonderland of Ice this morning. They skated on one rink, crossed the lobby, skated on the other, then skated at the end. Then skated a little more. They got some vociferous instruction at times. We’ll see what sticks Wednesday.

Further tweaks to the lineup; Halmo where Sundstrom was with Lee and Strome, Miller and Wetmore together with Diamond. Just looking for something.

Scott Pellerin said Joe Finley is still seeing doctors, and they hope to have a better idea of his prognosis soon. He’s out indefinitely as it stands. Chris Bruton wasn’t out with them.

Mike Keenan’s back up from Stockton. “Stockton’s a pretty good city, a really good fanbase,” Keenan said. The banner-raising at opening night was fun, with a big crowd. “It was good to get some experience, get some playing time, just get my confidence back up,” Keenan said.

(It was also nice, the Boston guy said, to have World Series games ending at 9 p.m.)

The pairs remained the same as they’d been; Justin Johnson took some shifts back there with Keenan to even out the five-man units.

Meanwhile, a sign at Wonderland: “Home of the $75.00 Stick” “Now $50.00.” Too philosophical for a Monday morning.

Michael Fornabaio