Hartford pregame: Development

The lines look familiar (familiarish, at least); the defense as of this morning appeared to have a tweak, with Keenan in for Pedan. Doesn’t appear to have anything to do with what went on a couple of weeks ago: “It’s just part of the development process,” Scott Pellerin said. “He’s been working hard, watching video, working on his practice habits, his compete level. We’re just trying to put it all in there, get it all together, all the pieces together to play consistently.”

After all that, they rushed all seven defensemen, and I missed the first twirl trying to get Hartford’s, and the one thing that would’ve been the weirdest appeared to be out there, so these are based off practice but I reserve the right to correct these. (Actually I may be off on Hartford’s third pair, too. We’ll see.) Edit: Miraculously, they were correct.

The Kenny Reiter Win Watch rolls on tonight. One to scratch each way.

F: Lee-Strome-Halmo
Diamond-Sundstrom (A)-Persson
D: de Haan (A)-Cantin
Ness (A)-Mayfield
G: Reiter

F: Hrivik-Lindberg-Fast
Haley (A)-Jean-Kristo
Yogan-Dupont-St. Croix
Bourque-Powe (A)-O’Donnell
D: Johnson (C)-McIlrath
G: Missiaen

R: Hersey, Binda. L: Briggs, Galvin.

Michael Fornabaio