The General Category: Monday notes

We can chuckle about the roughing major, but it struck me too late last night that changing it to a cross-check does have a potential effect down the road.

There are two classes of game misconducts; there are stick fouls, boarding and checking-from-behind, and then there’s everything else*. You get a game’s suspension if you accumulate three of those catchall game misconducts. But the stick-foul/boarding/check-from-behind group? Only two of those nets you a game.

Cantin’s halfway there. Lucky him.

Anyway. The Sound Tigers practiced this morning before shipping out to Lewiston for the New Year’s Rockin’ Early Evening game tomorrow (we’ll listen in from here and envy their likely trips to Tim Hortons, so drop by for the liveblog). Scooter Vaughan was back with the defensemen. Pierre-Marc Bouchard didn’t skate; maintenance, Scott Pellerin said. He said that Johan Sundstrom is feeling better and has been able to get on the bike. Still needs to get the energy back after the illness sapped him; he lost some weight.

The Islanders are practicing at The U today after their big win across the river last night. Edit: Not across the river. Geography fail. Arthur Staple took the opportunity to scour the walls of Mariucci and tweet the freshman-year picture of a few of the Gophers we’ve known.

Via Elite Prospects, Mike Iggulden was released in Russia. Ben Walter to Jokerit**.

(When I popped the Iggulden release into Google Translate, because of something I’d done recently, I accidentally had it set to translate to Spanish. THAT was one trippy press release. Different kind of Fun With Babelfish.)

Was reminded of this video this morning talking football.

Dan Harmon’s back on Community. Alan Sepinwall loves the first few episodes. I can’t wait for Thursday night.

Kinda neat: how far you could get from New York in 24 hours at different times. (H/T: Tyler Cowen.

And for crying out loud: Thoughts to Volgograd.

*-The “everything else” is referred to as the “general category” in the rule book, which makes me laugh whenever I publish a blog post without tagging it; the default category just says “General.” (So, yeah, I should probably tag this with that…)
**-“Orebro match power”!

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