A few getting closer: Tuesday notes

Riley Wetmore and John Persson both practiced today. Wetmore, a few weeks removed from getting skulled by a puck, said he felt pretty good at the end of it. “We’ll see their conditioning level, see if they’re available for the weekend. They’re not officially available,” Scott Pellerin said. “It depends how they do today, how they report to Dave (Stickney, trainer) today. Johan Sundstrom continues to skate and rebuild his strength.

Pierre-Marc Bouchard got an extra day off after the long weekend for the second week in a row, and Chris Bruton had the day off skates, too.

Sounds like Nate Lawson won’t be waiting for them Friday (not that he played with a heck of a lot of them anyway), out with a lower-body injury.

After Hartford lost the battle of the reeling Berkshire League teams, it had a bloodletting today, letting Akim Aliu and Brodie Dupont and Sam Klassen go, giving David LeNeveu an AHL contract, and shipping Kyle Jean out.

Sean Wiles: ECHL Player of the Week.

The Central Scouting Bureau draft rankings came out yesterday; the only semilocal I caught was Mike Lee of Hamden at 159. Meanwhile, Fairfield’s Kevin Robinson will play in the MJHL prospects game, the Connecticut Oilers announced.

Hope they had the Broadway shake.

A day after Archer literally blew things up, FX announces we’ve got only one more year of Justified. Ah well.

And RIP, Jack Gardiner.

Michael Fornabaio